React Holiday

Welcome to React Holiday 2020!

Hey friends 👋

It’s been a year since we last talked — a wild, unbelievable year!

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Ok! Let’s talk about the season ahead!

Everything but React

The developers I admire most have a command over all the tools in their proverbial toolbelt. React might be their favorite hammer but when they need to drive a screw or saw thru a post, they use different tools.

As web developers, the tools of our trade are JavaScript, JSX, HTML, and CSS.

React is so incredible that we it often favor it, even when it’s not the best tool.

This React Holiday, we’ll cover 23 practices in JavaScript, JSX, and HTML that support and enhance your professional React development.

First, A Question

Our first few lessons go deep on a JavaScript primitive type that is favored in React.

Every UI framework favors a primitive type. For many that’s the String type. Others rely heavily on configuration Objects.

What do you think the most privileged type in React is?