React 🎄

We'll start from basics and get all the way to Suspense, Hooks, and advanced composition!
Each day is a 2-3 minute read with CodeSandbox and quick assignments.
Check out 2017 (below) for examples.



Day 1: Hello 🎄

Day 2: JSX 4 LYFE

Day 3: Components are functions

Day 4: Props are function arguments

Day 5: Components can use classes for special powers

Day 6: Events aren't events

Day 7: State of mind

Day 8: Set state statically

Day 9: Set state dynamically

Day 10: setState is a food truck

Day 11: Use expressions for conditional rendering

Day 12: Smoosh components

Day 13: Gotta fetch 'em all

Day 14: Lists are 99.7% of the job

Day 15: Key your children

Day 16: Mind the lifecycle gap

Day 17: Always use `Did`, unless you shouldn't

Day 18: Conscious uncoupling

Day 19: Decide not to decide

Day 20: Components: What do they know? Do they know things?? Let's Find out!

Day 21: something I like to call Chrismukkah

Day 22: A sensible default

Day 23: ...and ACTION!

Day 24: Move fast and break things

Day 25: ...