⚛️🌲 React Holiday


December 01, 2017

This is a React advent thingy; the whole 24 days, 24 lessons deal.



I like holidays. I like helping people. I think most React education is pathologically complicated.

This is a condensed version of how I teach people React. It’s the stuff I use every day IRL. None of the 🐴💩 you see pegging Hacker News.


I expect you to know JavaScript pretty well.

I don’t cover setting up a build or working with Node.

Examples use codesandbox.io and transport well to a create-react-app environment.

Who dis?

I’m @chantastic. I make some other React stuff like learnreact.com , https://reactpatterns.com , and https://reactcheatsheet.com.


I'm chantastic 👋
Designerd and Host of React Podcast